3 must have layering pieces you need in your closet

1.) A Denim Button-Up A denim button up is the perfect unexpected layering piece! Not a ton of people use this trick but it works with almost EVERYTHING!! This is perfect for the night out when its too warm for a jacket (a jacket that may not even go with your outfit) but still has a breeze! This is perfect to go over a dress, tank, and so much more! Make sure to try buttoning the top half and tying the bottom, or adding a knot for a little more adorable detail!! 2.) An Amazing Cardigan An easy comfy yet still cute cardigan is definitely a must! This is the perfect way to add a little something extra to your everyday outfit with out going over the top! You need to be sure to have a couple good neutral colors that go with a lot along with a few really fun bold or pastel colored cardigans!! 1 3.) A Super Fun Kimono A kimono is a fun way to add such cute detail to your outfit!! It also allows for you to pull lots of color in!! This is fun because then you can add a bright colored necklace or heel!! A kimono gives you so many options!! Slideshow 3

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Why A Perfect A-Line Skirt is Perfect for an Easy “GO TO”

An adorable A-line skirt is another amazing “go to” piece for your perfect closet!! There are a large group of women that hate the idea of a skirt or dress because they do not like their legs, or their arms, or their middle. One no woman should worry about any of that but me telling you that probably won’t change your mindset so let me help! Start with a good A-line skirt!! A-lines presupposed to hit at the skinniest part of you – this should be pretty high for most women.. it’s okay let it happen! A-line skirts also allow for you to still choose any top: long sleeve, short sleeve, tank, etc… Find an A-line with a fun pattern or lots of color so you can change your top, jewelry, or shoes!! This allows you to have more fun and more use out of the skirt without everyone thinking you wear the same thing over and over when really you kinda are!!

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That One Fun Patterned Piece

slideshow 2 We all have that one fun piece we fell in love with at the store, we took it home and then we never ended up wearing it because there just isn’t that right place for my fun patterned piece such as the adorable B.E. Humble pineapple top shown above!! Let me tell you where to wear it…. EVERYWHERE!! Seriously these are the best pieces in your closet – they show your personality!! These are the pieces that everyone will ask “where did you get that?”!!! So wear it and ROCK it!!!

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New attached image Everyone needs that little black dress!!! This is the piece of your closet that with never go out of style and is the classic, perfect for every event piece in your closet!! Amazing for weddings, showers, parties and so much more!! When looking for that LBD you’re in need of you need to find something classic and good for everything ye but.. you also need something that is different and screams you!!! No woman should blend in! This is kind of easy to do with a LBD. Sooo… try and find something with a ruffle like the adorable dress pictured or with a cute lace detail!! There are so many options!!

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Statement Earrings Don’t Have to be Scary

Statement earring are way too much for a lot of people because when they thing statement they thing big… most of the time yes but they don’t have to be!! Statement earrings just have to make a statement!! When starting out – try a good statement stud! like this!! New attached image These are perfect everyday earrings that still bring something to your outfit!! Then get a fun everyday statement earring that isn’t a stud.. like this New attached image These are a little more dramatic.. yes but they still are a nice neutral color that goes with a lot with out being really loud! You also should have a statement earring that is somewhere in between like so.. New attached image With all of these you should have your basic statement earrings covered – now on to finding FUN LOUD ones!!

Little tip: If you have really sensitive ears and struggle with earrings try painting the stems of your earring with clear nail polish!! This is an amazing cheap and easy trick to help you save money!!

3 things to make or break an outfit

New attached image 1.Hair: If your hair isn’t done neither is your outfit! It makes an unbelievable difference! Your appearance is your voice to the world before you even say a word. It shows your personality, your style, it shows YOU!! Do you really want the world to think you do things half way? That is what having a cute outfit and messy undone hair says. At the very least throw on a super cute hat and ROCK it!!! 2.Lipstick: I’ve been told my entire life that if you have to go out and you do not have time for a full face of makeup sunglasses and lipstick are your new best friend! This statement could not be more fidence!! It is important that true!! Lipstick does amazing things for not only appearance but conyou have an everyday lip along with a classic red – and if you’re like me about 357458 different more options! Be sure to always bring it with you in your bag too – touch ups are never something to be ashamed about! 3.Smile: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” A smile says CONFIDENCE and confidence is attractive!! Every woman deserves and should feel confident in their outfit and more importantly in themselves!!