B.E. Humble Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ahhhh!!! While we've all been shut inside or working the frontlines, Mothers Day has snuck up on us! Are you ready? No worries! I've had plenty of time to get some gift ideas together, so you can show her some love, with no hassle. I've also teamed up with The Ohio Flower girls so locally, we can be your one stop shop for all your Mother's Day needs. 

Go Big or go home! Our Mama's Best Dressed Box is a complete look featuring a Blouse, Tank, Accessory, Special Surprise! Just select a size and tell us anything we should know in the comments section. An easy gift from our store to your door, or you can pick it up if you're local. The gift bag is included, so literally, everything is done for you!

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Another gift option if you're picking up local, is a fresh flower arrangement from The Ohio Flower Girls! The arrangements are $25.00 and they're offering a 15% discount with purchase of Mama's Best Dressed Box! How cool is that?! Click here to reserve your flower arrangement now!

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If those options aren't what you're looking for, our newest makeup bundle is a versatile gift any woman would love! This includes are Bronzer, Mascara and choice of lip which have all sold out 3 times or more! Select Mission Complete or The Original Pink to personalize your bundle. We ship fast or select store pickup if you're local!

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And last but not least, we've got the safe, but always loved B.E.Humble Gift Card! We're stepping it up a bit too and for every $50.00 you buy, were giving you $10.00! Now is the time to stock up! 

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I hope this helps with the very short time you have to prepare for Mother's Day! These are great options to cover all ages and interests, so shop quick! Let me know if you have any questions. A unique quality of mine is successfully dressing women I've never met, with just a few details. :) Stay healthy everyone! 



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