Back to School!?! Are you READY?!

As summer draws to a close and the school bells start ringing, it's time to hit the stores and gear up for another exciting academic year. Back-to-school clothes shopping can be both fun and daunting, but fear not! I'll explore some savvy tips to make the most of your shopping experience while staying on-trend and within budget. From wardrobe essentials to the latest fashion trends, let's dive into the world of back-to-school fashion!

    1. Take Inventory of Your Wardrobe: Before embarking on a shopping spree, dig into your closet to see what you already have. Make a list of essential items that need replacement or new additions. This way, you can avoid buying duplicates and focus on filling the gaps in your school wardrobe. Because I know many of us love having the same thing but in different colors - sometimes that isn't needed though when you explore some fun new options. 

    2. Set a Budget: Shopping without a budget can quickly lead to overspending. Determine how much you can afford to spend on your back-to-school clothes and accessories. This will help you prioritize your purchases and make thoughtful decisions while exploring various options. I have Brad always set budgets for me. I feel like it makes more more financially responsible. There are time and places to spend crazy and have fun but school shopping isn't always necessarily one of them. 

    3. Invest in Staples: Some clothing items never go out of style and are versatile enough to mix and match throughout the year. I cannot stress this enough! Having staples in your wardrobe helps tremendously. Consider investing in staples like a classic pair of jeans, neutral-colored tops (such as tanks and basic t-shirts/long sleeves), a comfortable yet stylish backpack, and sturdy sneakers/mule. These timeless pieces form the foundation of your school wardrobe. Plus accessorizing simple staples is so easy and you can put together so many looks with them!

    4. Embrace Current Trends (but don't go overboard!): While timeless classics are essential, don't be afraid to incorporate a few trendy pieces into your collection. Trends come and go, but experimenting with some of them can add a fresh touch to your style and it is just so much fun! Choose a couple of trendy items that align with your personal taste and can be easily paired with your existing outfits. Some of the most recent trends include boot cut pants and overalls! So you won't want to miss out on those! 

    5. Opt for Comfort: Remember, you'll be spending long hours at school, so comfort should be a priority. Look for breathable fabrics and well-fitting clothes that allow you to move freely throughout your day. Comfortable clothes can enhance your confidence and performance. Listen I am not saying wear your PJs to school but being able to not stress about how your body feels in the clothes it's wearing is so important especially when you are in an academic setting. Not being able to focus on what is important in the moment is not a fun feeling and I would never want that to impact your education! 

    6. Shop Sales and Discounts: Back-to-school shopping can be expensive, but you can save big by taking advantage of sales, discounts, and seasonal promotions. Look out for coupons, student discounts, and loyalty programs to maximize your savings! Sometimes even creating a new email account to just to send all the promotional discounts too is a great idea! Also, don't forget when you sign up for my app you get 20% off! 

    7. Don't Forget the Accessories: Accessories can elevate a simple outfit and add a personal touch to your style. Invest in a few statement pieces like scarves, hats, earrings, belts, vests or necklaces that can easily transform your look from casual to chic.

Back-to-school clothes shopping doesn't have to be overwhelming. With a little planning, a sense of style, and a budget in mind, you can build a fashionable and functional school wardrobe that reflects your unique personality. Remember to prioritize comfort, mix and match, and keep an eye out for those discounts! Happy shopping and have a fantastic school year ahead!

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