Budget Friendly Gifts

Wow. This has really been a tough year. Everyone has felt effects, whether direct or indirect, from 2020, namely, the pandemic. As a small business, I was blessed to be able to offer online sales during the shutdown, and even further blessed, by a customer base that was able to keep supporting me. I realize this Holiday Season many of you are shopping on a budget. I get it, and I'm here to offer some ideas- all under $20!

Let's start with my scarves. You guys- just $15 today! They are so universal and easy for everyone to wear. I've sold a lot already, but I still have some awesome colors available. As I mentioned before, these are particularly great for gift exchanges/secret Santa! Just an easy gift, everyone loves and needs! 

Photo Details: Infinity Fringe Scarf

Another perfect gift that's a little more intimate, are my one size bras! So comfortable and fit so many shapes and sizes. I eliminate the guess work for size and you don't have to worry about offending anyone because you picked the wrong size. Still available in several great colors and for only $10.00. It delivers on functionality and it's kind to your wallet. And don't forget, this bra has an off label use for girls just starting to wear bras. Literally perfect for all ages! 

Photo Details: Cross Back Basic 

I don't know about you, but some people are super intimidated by giving makeup! Don't be!!! My Mighty Mauve lip stain is an awesome color that everyone can pull off, and at $18.00, it's a great price point! My Lip Stains have received rave reviews and it's truly become an essential for so many of my customers. You'll love it, your friends will love it. Get it and give it.

Photo Details: Might Mauve Lip Stain

Finally, most of my accessories are under $20. These are an easy pick and everyone needs a finishing touch to complete their look. If you're not sure if their ears are pierced, no worries, grab a necklace. Done. 

Photo Details: Accessories 

I hope this has helped a few of you. I just want to thank everyone for the continued support and stay tuned for my Black Friday deals! You'll want to be ready to shop... biggest sale ever! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy your family and friends! 


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