Bundle Up!

Okay... as much as I'm not ready, it's time to prepare for cooler temps. I'm the worst about wearing coats. I layer everything I can to avoid wearing a coat. So I did some shopping for my store, and found coats even I can and want to wear! And they're adorable and comfortable! Check these babies out! 

This Fleece Watercolor Zip Up Jacket! You guys... how easy to throw on as a nice transition jacket as these temps fall. It's one of my self dubbed "throw and gos" (throw on and go) pieces, so of course, it's easy and the color is so fun! It's a little oversized but you can still order one size up if you want to wear it as a true jacket.

 Photo Detail: Fleece Watercolor Zip Up 

Kicking things up a notch, let's talk about this classy number! A Blazer Jacket! Ahhh!! It's so simple and so chic. I love the versatility of this gray color, so I'm throwing this on with both brown and black. It's also a great length to keep your tushy warm AND it's also soft. While the coat is a little dressier, you can definitely rock it with denim too. From church, to the grocery, and girls night out. This coat is one size fits all days. 

 Photo Detail: Blazer Jacket

Okay... this one is a little top secret. It's not available until this Sunday for "Comment Sold" but I'm going to show you ladies taking the time to read my blog. haha. This is the Teddy Bear Sherpa. It's so comfy and again, what a great jacket to be able to dress up or dress down. I love jackets like these! You'll see me wearing this at church, and wearing at the grocery store on a Monday morning. Don't miss this cuddly throw and go. I know it will go fast on Sunday so make sure you tune in and make sure you're registered for Comment Sold!

Photo Details: Teddy Bear

Hopefully wherever you're at, you're enjoying some beautiful fall temps and foliage. It's a great fall day here in Ohio but tomorrow's high is 46 degrees. Eeeek!  Buy what you can today and the Teddy Sherpa Sunday. Stay warm ladies! 




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