Feeling blue... but in a good way!

If you’ve ever been in my store, you’ve probably noticed that I have each section color coordinated. Call it OCD or call me crazy, but I just love to be able to look at each section organized so nicely by color. I just got back from an amazing week at family camp, (truly amazing) and stopped by the store to see all the mew arrivals. I looked around in my eyes kept going to the great blue pieces we have! Let me highlight just a few to add to the excitement of Friday.

I wanted to share this first top because everyone always asks if I carry plus sizes. I absolutely do and I had this top in regular sizes as pictured,  but now have it in plus sizes! While some of the regular sizes have already sold out, I definitely still have some of the plus sizes left! It’s a great fit with a side scrunch for a slimming look. It’s also long so if you’re tall, you’re good. If you’re on the shorter side, just scrunch it up like the model pictured. It’s really a perfect top in the perfect shade of blue!

Photo Details: Dolman Sleeve Side Scrunch

Everyone knows I enjoy a good statement piece and everyone knows I love earrings. Let me show you the best of both worlds... at least in my book. These earrings are awesome! It’s a great shade of blue and they’re lightweight but in statement size. Add them as a pop of color to any outfit and even with your hair down, they’re still visible! Intricate and attention grabbing. I have a couple other similar pair not pictured because they're not blue. They are on my site though! :)

Photo Details: Teardrop Tassel Earrings

YOU GUYS! This dress I just got to see and try on is to die for! It's off the shoulder, fully lined and a slight high-low cut... I wish I had gotten more of these in!!! Quantities were limited and i can see why. Super classy and lightweight for summer, I can't wait to wear this out and about. Luckily it fit perfectly into my "blue" theme blog because I was dying to share it. 

Photo Details: Striped Off The Shoulder Ruffle Wrap Dress, Perforated Block Heel

I'd love to keep sharing all the blue pieces I just got in but I know it's the weekend and I have a ton of bags to unpack from family camp! Head over to the website to see all of the new arrivals and enjoy your weekend ladies! 

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