Glad for Plaid

Here we are… Another week closer to Christmas! How is everyone feeling? Ready? Panicked? Frazzled? Everyone stay calm, try to relax and remember the real reason for the season. The rest is just icing on the Christmas Cookie. :)

Whether you’re shopping for a gift, or shopping for yourself, you won’t want to miss this fashion trend. Plaid has taken center stage this Holiday season and we’ve got some great pieces for you, but they won’t last long.

There is something so cozy and comfy about a poncho. I also love that it’s forgiving when you’re snacking on all the Christmas goodies. This hooded poncho is extra unique with pops of bright colors woven throughout the pattern. And if that’s not fun enough for ya, it has a fringe hem as well! Truly an amazing fashion piece that is extremely wearable as a gift, or for Santa. (wink, wink)

Photo Details: Plaid Poncho

I don’t think anyone should go through the holiday season without owning the timeless buffalo plaid pattern. I have a great pull over buffalo plaid fleece as well as a double neck pull over lightweight tunic, with front pocket. These are so nice to wear for fall/winter and especially Christmas morning if you want to stay warm and cozy, plus look super festive. I like that both of these options can be worn with jeans, leggings or even pajama pants. Bonus: this pattern never goes out of style. Get it now and keep it forever.

Photo Details: Plaid Diagonal Button Fleece Sweater, Side Zipper Plaid Hooded Tunic 

I know I have talked about this on my stories and in past blogs, but the jacket married that ever comfortable shirt and now we have a shacket. And I’ve got them in great colored plaids. They are so great for layering, or just wear them by themselves with a tank or thin shirt underneath. They’re super warm, yet lightweight enough to be comfortable. I prefer to keep one in my car just as a grab and go since the weather is so unreliable lately. Maybe that’s just Ohio. Haha

Photo Details:  Plaid Long Shacket 

Well, do I have you mad for plaid?! Trust me, you’ll be glad for the plaid. Man! I am a poet and I didn’t even know it. Okay, I’m off to wrap some presents and drink some hot cocoa! Bring on the plaid, or you will be sad! Hehe


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