Gobble, Gobble!

Okay guys! Real talk... Food babies happen! haha. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, let's plan ahead AND plan accordingly. No matter the Covid situation in your area, you're probably still going to eat Thanksgiving dinner. And I don't know about you, but I need room and I want to be comfy when I eat all that deliciousness. Maybe you attend a more formal Holiday, and that's fine too! I've got you covered for that as well! 

First and foremost -  get the fleece lined leggings! Holy Buckets! If you already have them, get a backup pair! They're so soft and warm and the stretch is bomb!!! You can dress them up or sleep in them. I literally do both, so don't judge if I wake up in them and throw on a top and go take on the day. They're also great for a gift because one size truly fits all. I've eliminated all size guesswork- You're welcome!  :) These are an essential for lounging and eating on Thanksgiving Day so snag them now! 

Photo Details: Fleece Lined Leggings

To dress up the leggings and stay comfy, this is the top you'll want! It looks great with the leggings and it's a nice length to cover your bottom. So even though it's an elevated look, it's still comfy and cozy. It's a soft material and gives you plenty of room to eat and lounge. I love a shirt that's a little fancy but still comfortable. It's a winner, winner turkey dinner! 

Photo Details: Animal Print Sleeve Top 

Alright, to keep it casual for Thanksgiving,  get this awesome graphic t-shirt! I love me a good, timely graphic and this is it! It's so easy to wear and it's in an awesome fall color that will have you dressed comfy and ready to stuff your face. I'll definitely be on the couch napping and watching football in this t-shirt after all my meals. 

Photo Details: Turkey, Pie & Football Graphic

Is anyone else hungry already?! Do you have to cook Thanksgiving dinner? Good thing you'll be cute and comfy if you've gotta cook AND eat for Holiday! Gobble Gobble! 








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