Graphic Tees Are The BEes Knees

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We all know one of the most comfortable things you can wear is a good ol’ basic T-shirt. But why just wear a plain T-shirt when you can wear a fun shirt with expressions?! Sure, right now you’ll just be wearing these in the house, starting your daily routine that goes from the bed, to the couch, to the kitchen, to the couch, then back to the bed. But these are great T-shirts that transition from quarantine lifestyle to everyday lifestyle. Wear them alone or wear them under your favorite cardigan or jacket. These are staples we all need!

You guys… This graphic tee is the bomb. Boss babe, come on! That’s everyone of you. We all know that’s the stay-at-home moms, the women putting in the work to get that promotion, the entrepreneurs and most importantly, the essential workers are bringing us through this pandemic. Everyone deserves this shirt. Pair it with high waisted jeans or your favorite BE Humble workout leggings. Truly an essential ladies!

Details: Boss Babe Cropped Tee, Mesh Stripe Activewear Set 

This tee is also available today, and couldn’t be more relevant. Show of hands, who has always been described as  “Indoorsy”  even before you were forced to be that girl? While not everything is fun about “sheltering in” these tees are! Even throw on a cute flannel or jean jacket over it for cooler days. So easy to wear!

Details: Indoorsy Graphic T, Cloth Sneakers

Now, more then ever, is a time represent The USA! While the Olympics have been postponed, being patriotic has not. We’re weathering this storm as a united country, and I couldn’t be more proud to wear this great new graphic tee. Not to mention, perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. USA! USA! USA!

Details: USA Graphic Crop Top, Striped and Colorblock Capri Activewear Set

Finally... the most comfortable sweatshirt that comes in two great colors. Aside from coming to my store to fill orders, this is me. I think the majority of you can relate and who doesnt like to stay warm and cozy?  Whether its a cool day or just live with somone that keeps the airccontioning setting on "Igloo mode", you'll want this. Sorry if you see me in it everyday for a while. I'm probably washing it. Lol. 

Details: Homebody Sweatshirt, Baby Pink Petal Earrings

I hope everyone and staying safe and comfy out there! Miss seeing you all but I appreciate all the support. I’ll continue to deliver the essentials you need to straight to your door.

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