Gull Lake Ministries Summer Camp - 2023!

Over the past five years, our family has had the privilege of attending Gull Lake Ministries Family Camp, and it has become a cherished tradition that we eagerly anticipate each summer. The camp offers a diverse range of activities that bring us closer together as a family while also deepening our faith. I'll talk about some of our favorite activities and experiences, which have become the cornerstones of our time at camp.

  1. Theme Nights/Days: One of the highlights of our time at Gull Lake Ministries Family Camp has been the themed nights/days. Each evening, the camp organizes special events where families come together to celebrate a particular theme. From Hawaiian Luau to Superheroes and Wild West, these nights are filled with excitement, laughter, and a true sense of community. Whether it's dressing up in costumes, participating in themed games, or enjoying delicious food, these evenings have provided us with incredible memories and plenty of photo opportunities.

  2. Arts and Crafts: The arts and crafts activities at Gull Lake Ministries Family Camp have allowed our creative sides to flourish. From painting and pottery to jewelry making and woodworking, there is something for everyone. We've enjoyed spending time together as a family, working on various projects and expressing our individuality through art. The camp's skilled instructors have guided us through the process, providing valuable tips and encouragement. Bringing home our handmade creations serves as a beautiful reminder of the time spent together as a family at camp.

  3. Ropes Course: For the adventurous souls in our family, the ropes course at Gull Lake Ministries Family Camp has been an absolute thrill. Scaling heights, overcoming obstacles, and working together to navigate the course have strengthened our bonds as a family. The experienced staff ensured our safety while challenging us to step out of our comfort zones. The sense of accomplishment and the shared triumph after completing a difficult section of the course is something we'll always cherish.

  4. Rock Climbing Wall: The rock climbing wall has been a favorite activity for both the young and the young at heart in our family. It has provided a unique opportunity to build strength, confidence, and trust. With encouraging cheers from our loved ones below, we've scaled new heights and conquered our fears. The supportive environment at the camp has made it possible for us to challenge ourselves and achieve personal growth while enjoying the breathtaking views from the top.

  5. Bible Study: At the core of Gull Lake Ministries Family Camp is a commitment to spiritual growth. The daily Bible study sessions have deepened our understanding of our faith and provided an opportunity for meaningful discussions as a family. The camp's knowledgeable and passionate speakers have shared powerful messages that have resonated with each member of our family. These sessions have helped us strengthen our relationship with God and with one another, fostering a spiritual foundation that extends far beyond our time at camp.

Our experiences at Gull Lake Ministries Family Camp over the past five years have become cherished memories that we hold dear to our hearts. From the laughter and excitement of theme nights to the exhilaration of conquering the ropes course and rock climbing wall, each activity has played a significant role in our family's journey. The camp's commitment to fostering spiritual growth through Bible study sessions has been a true blessing. We eagerly look forward to returning to Gull Lake Ministries Family Camp each summer, knowing that we'll continue to have a great time. 

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