I Spy With My Little Eye... Tie Dye!

If there was a color scheme for Summer, hands down, it would be Tie Dye! You guys.. this stuff is popping up everywhere and I can't keep it in the store! I've been ordering, reordering and expediting shipping to bring this unique trend to you! You can buy it ready to wear or even do it yourself! I've got all things tie dye just for you!

Let's talk DIY! I am able to send you everything you need to tie dye a shirt in your own unique pattern! You'll receive the shirt, gloves, rubber bands, and a surprise color to create your own masterpiece! Tie Dye now, wear later, straight from store to door. Not only is it fun, but you get an awesome top to wear as well! 

Photo Details: Tie Dye Now, Wear Later 

Now, let's take the amazing tie-dye trend and step it up a notch. These sleeves!!! What a unique top! The colors make everyone look sun-kissed and the unique sleeve detail will have all your friends asking, "Where did you get that top?" You can tell them B.E.Humble but I'm not gonna lie, by the time they try to order it, it will probably be gone! Shop fast! It's everywoman for herself! 

While we're talking about details, this is another top taking tie dye to the next level! The peekaboo chocker neck is such a fun switch up in a normal t-shirt. It's not too revealing but just enough to make it a fun statement piece. I had a very similar top a few weeks ago... it sold out and I couldn't get a restock, so don't miss this one! 

Photo Details: Tie Dye Neck , Contrast Color Denim Jeans

Okay, I can't do this blog without sharing this tie dye long sleeve shirt. A lot of people think that because its warming up, you don't need long sleeves. WRONG! This is a lightweight shirt and it's great for cooler summer evenings or mornings. I even like them for a windy dinner on the beach with some cute fringe jean shorts or even over a cotton dress for a layered look. I can't get over this color combination either... this is MUST add to cart ASAP piece! 

Photo Details: Tye Dye Colorblock Top

Thats a quick round up of the color scheme dubbed the "pattern of the season"! Like I said, these pieces have been hard to get and impossible to restock so don't wait to shop!  

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