It's Time to Shine in Texas Market Finds!

Everything is bigger in Texas! Market was amazing and I found some amazing pieces for all of you! They're not all here yet, but let me show you what has arrived. Some of it sold out so fast at market, but lucky for you, I have some restocks and more. 

First this romper is everything! Casual, comfortable and functional. I've worn this so many times since Texas and I've only owned it a couple weeks! Perfect for travel, brunch, a cover up or lounging! Whatever you want or need, it's the best! This sold out during our comment sold LIVE from Market, so this is the last restock! Order now!  

Photo Detail: Hooded Drape Front Romper

We enjoyed Texas so much! It was so beautiful and the people were so kind. This kimono is truly the poster child for our trip. Pictures will never do it justice... the gold accents truly have a royal shine and feel. Wear this with shorts and a tank, over a dress, or even with jeans. Wear it so many ways and be prepared for so many compliments. It's just so pretty! It's timeless... so once a part of your wardrobe, always a part of your wardrobe. It's truly a necessary investment. 

Photo Details: Rose Kimono, Metallic Ruffle Dress

Okay... when we were Live in Texas sharing our finds, there were some we couldn't show or sell because we had to make sure we had adequate quantities. This is one of those tops I was dying to share with you all! Sequins is much like diamonds, a girls best friend. So, I found this neutral colored top, with sequins bow accents and it's truly wearable for so many occasions! Right now Valentines. This Summer, a wedding or bridal shower. This winter, Christmas or New Years. This is an easy add to cart for the right price and for all the seasons. 


Photo Details: Sequin Cut out Top 

Hows the weather where you're at? It's been cold and so snowy here, so I'm really missing Texas! At last I came back with many souvenirs I get to share with you. Bring on the sunshine. We'll all be ready! 



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