Lets Go Jean Shopping!

UGH! I heard you..

I already know what you're thinking and feeling! But don't fret, I know how to help! In my last blog, you read about creating your capsule wardrobe, and what that entails. Jeans, the one thing that everyone hates shopping for (other than a good bra, but who even wears those anymore?!) I'm here to give you all the tips and tricks of jean shopping.


The first, and most important tip is to memorize the following verse... I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. PSALM 139:14 

I hung it up in the store so you wouldn't forget!

2. SIZE!

When looking for the perfect jeans, DO NOT get caught up on sizes or brands. Every single pair of jeans that you put on from each brand will fit completely different even if it is the same size. Perfect example, I currently have 2 different brands of jeans in the store, 1 brand says a size 1 is a 24" waist, and the other says a size 1 is a 25" waist. Now while you think, "1 inch isn't that much", it makes a huge difference when it comes to buying jeans. Just like the fabric content, a 24" waist with more spandex than the 25" waist may fit about the same. But take out that spandex and phew, those are going to be snug. We try to help the online shoppers as much as we can with the descriptions, but always feel free to ask for help. Or just stop in and try them on :)


How to look for comfortable jeans... I know what you're thinking 'Jeans? Comfortable?' But they absolutely can be, especially now a days. This is where finding YOUR correct size comes into play. I promise you, that you will not wear a pair of jeans if you aren't comfortable in them. So, ignore the size and pick the pair that feels the most comfortable, BUT here's where it gets kind of tricky... Don't pick the pair that is too big because they are comfortable, but also don't pick the pair that squeezes you too tight and gives you the lumps and bumps. A good fitting pair of jeans will truly fit you 'just right'. Your jeans should hit you right below or just above your belly button for the most flattering fit. Next is SPANDEX! OH YEAH!! That magic material is a game changer in a pair of jeans! You are going to want to find jeans with at least 2% Spandex. 

Dark Wash Hammer Jeans                        Black Hammer Jeans


Select the correct style for your body shape. You may have to do some research on how to correctly choose your body type. (I'll put an image here) You don't want to choose a pair that is going to make you look too wide or too narrow. *Remember we want to create balance with our clothing choices. You don't want to be too tight on the bottom and then too loose on top and look top heavy, and vice versa.


You may want to try on a few different styles and sizes to find the best fit and style for your body. Also bring a few tops in the fitting room with you, some fitted and some looser fitting ones so that you can see how the outfit will look together! 

** Just remember my biggest rule is IGNORE THE SIZE!! I promise you, no one will see that, and if you need to forget what you saw...cut the tag ;) 


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