Making Your Modern Home Feel Cozy

Making a modern home comfy and cozy can be difficult! Tall ceilings and open floor plans can make it seem cold and uninviting. 
The easiest way to warm things up is to add lots of bold textures and large statement pieces! Now, just because it’s big, doesn’t mean it has to break the bank, You don’t have to spend a lot to look like you did!

When styling a large/tall fireplace, add large pieces and layer them. Large mirrors add dimension and depth to a room. One of these mirrors was a hand me down, one of them was a garage sale find, and one I actually spent a decent amount of money on from Amazon.


As for floral and plants…I found everything here in my backyard. The burgundy plant on the left is actually from one of my morning runs and I couldn’t help but stop and pick this beautiful color!

Candleabras are a simple yet pretty way to change up the space. You can change up the candelabra itself, or the candles you use. These could be thrifted or I found some similar in my Amazon link.

I do spend a decent amount on good pillows. I love a pretty pillow. When I change out my pillow, i will but a cheap pillow form amazon and you can always get cheap covers but at least you’re starting with some thing substantial. Mixing and matching textures and different patterns can bring your room to a completely different vibe.

While we're on the subject of texture, curtains are a great way to add texture and color to a large space. I love velvet as a sleek and rich looking fabric. Amazon has great curtains.

Large rugs will bring a space together, or separate a large room into smaller sections. This is nice for large areas because you can change up the flow of the entire space just by adding a rug. 

If i can not find what i'm looking for at a thrift store or garage sale (or even outside my backdoor) the next place I will look is amazon. Check out my amazon storefront for links to some of my favorite home decor finds!! 


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