New Arrivals Are Here - But Not For Long

Today is a great day to have a great day! The sun is shining and the new arrivals are BOMB! Seriously obsessed so I wanted to hop on here and share right away! I love when amazing shipments arrive but the orders are coming in hot! I would order now... well as soon as you finish reading this blog post.

Let's start off with this sweatshirt... How cool it looks like you're layering two pieces, but really, it's just one! It comes in two great colors, beige and pink just because I wanted to make it hard for you guys to decide. Ha! It's so unique because when you turn around, it's like you're wearing a flannel, but then turn around again, and it's a sweatshirt layered with a flannel. It's a sweatshirt, it's flannel, no - it's sweatshannel. Lol. Does that make sense?!

Photo Details: Plaid Contrast Hoodie, Thigh High Boots

Since we're talking about combo pieces, how about this Shacket?! Oh my word! This is my new daily uniform. It's so comfy and warm AND there's pockets! The length is great I love the large plaid pattern. Belt it and even make it a dress. So that's actually three pieces in one! Gosh I am really bringing it today. 

Photo Details: Thigh High Boots, Blue Plaid Shacket

It seems like I have a theme going here so I'm going to roll with it. Now, check out this combo! A leather sleeve on a white cotton shirt!? Holy Buckets! It's super fun look and bonus - the bottom ties so you can play with the look and fit. I am so obsessed with this top and the uniqueness. It will not last! 

Photo Details: Contrast Long Sleeve Drawstring Waist, Thigh High Boots

These are just a few of the new arrivals I'm uploading as we speak! Check out to see the rest! Hey guys... we've made it to hump day - the weekend is in sight! Shop fast friends! Hope everyone is staying healthy!

Speaking of staying healthy, linking my favorite vitamins if anyone is interested. Some of you have messaged and asked since my energy is always up there... haha! Goli Apple Side Vinegar Gummies




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