Nostalgic Neons

I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving the fact that Neons are making a comeback. I get it, they’re bold, they’re bright and I’m sure they take you back to the 80s… if you’re old enough to remember (you’re lucky if you are). I mean, I was too young when neons were in style the first time, so I’m for sure going to hop on the trend train. All aboard! Choo Choo!

Let’s start basic. This Graphic Tee is a great neon introduction to your wardrobe. If you’re a little hesitant about neons, you can wear this as a layering piece. Just throw on a denim jacket or lightweight shirt over it and get comfortable wearing bright and bold! Beverly Hills baby! Only a handful left so snag it now!

Photo Details: Beverly Hills Tee

Spicing things up a bit, let’s make it neon, and add some ruffles. This shirt screams summer and honestly, I want to pair it with a frilly skirt and go out salsa dancing. It’s a statement piece that anyone can pull off. Pair it with jeans, shorts, skirts… anything! It’s versatile, fun and so comfy for warmer temps. Again, if you’re afraid of neons, it does come in Jade. So either way, you can own the night. Note: Shirt is more Neon Pink than pictured.

Photo Details: Pink Knit Ruffle Shoulder, Jade Knit Ruffle Shoulder

Since I’ve shared a couple tops, let me show you this neon skirt. It’s like a lightweight sweatshirt for your bottom ladies! Dress it up with heels and a nice shirt, or dress it down with a T-shirt and tennis shoes. It’s long enough to be modest and comfortable enough to wear all day. Just another great essential to add to your wardrobe.

Photo Details: Knit Skirt

While we’re talking about neons, I have to share this amazing nail polish and color I love. Bonus, it dries in like two minutes. I keep this bad boy in my car and touch up any chips to keep my toes looking sand ready.  :)

Photo Details: Quick Color Fast Drying Polish

Is this neon trend sending anyone down memory lane? Well hop on over to Stumbo road in a Mansfield, OH or and start shopping now. You’ll be glad you did! Stay well and bring on the bright sunshine and neons!

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