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The latest fashion trend to sweep the nation caught everyone by surprise. Who would of thought jeans referred to as “Mom Jeans” would be the next big hit?

Here’s the thing: They’re not like most mom jeans, they’re cool mom jeans. 

Girls and women alike are wearing them and not only are they comfortable, they’re also super flattering. Why is everyone so afraid of a high waist? The high waist gives a shape wear effect and allows for several style options. They also deliver a more modest look when wearing a short or cropped top by minimizing the area exposed. Below are several way to were this must have denim.

Option 1: Styled with a cropped top.

The high waist allows you to wear a cropped top while showing minimal mid-drift. Here Brittany is wearing our High Rise Boyfriend jeans

Option 2: Styled with longer, loose fitted top.

An effortless was to wear the mom jeans and you cant even see the high waist.

Whitney is wearing the Infamous Skinny Jeans

Option 3: Styled with a complete tuck.

A full tuck is a third great option that can clean up any look. Even a basic t-shirt. Brittany is wearing the Denim Joggers. Also available in camo print and white!

Mom jeans are a versatile option and honestly, the number of ways to wear them are endless. The jeans every girl and woman needs in their closet. 

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