One of my favorite things about fashion…

What I absolutely love about fashion is the ability to change your look completely with just a couple tweaks.

Knowing your occasion, I talk briefly about this in my book “Project Woman Warrior,” is so important when getting dressed! The occasion on how to dress can vary depending on the situation and the setting. Here are some general guidelines and examples on how to dress for different two different occasions:

The picture on the left is my outfit for when I went to a thrift-o-Rama and flower shop. Trendy, fun, very outdoorsy, and comfortable! When going thrift shopping, it's best to wear comfortable and casual clothing. Choose something that is easy to move in and allows you to try on clothes easily. A pair of jeans, a t-shirt or a tank top with sneakers (or in my case a comfy pair of boots!) is a great option. You may also want to bring a jacket or sweater, as thrift stores can sometimes be chilly all depending on the setting.

The picture on the right, I had just enough time to change a few things and hurry to church. I chose to change up my ripped jeans for a slightly more classic but still fun pant and threw a blazer (which blazers are so in this spring) on to classy it up a bit too and since it was veering more evening time it was common sense since it will get a little chillier by the time church is done.  When dressing for church, it's important to keep in mind that it is a place of worship and respect. Avoid wearing anything too revealing, casual or flashy. Choose outfits that are modest and comfortable all depending on what your church dress requirement may be. I know some churches are stricter and others are just glad you are there and coming together in any form to worship. I think it is also important to keep the weather in mind. We all know how much it stinks when you get somewhere, and you forgot a jacket, or you showed up in too thick of a sweater. Being able to be comfortable in your clothes without being too hot or cold makes you able to be more confident in your outfit of choice.

Knowing your occasion or your event can make getting dressed not only easier but so much more fun too! Throw a floral shirt on if you’re going to a plant ranch (with a hat to protect yourself from the sun). Throw some cute cowboy boots on if you’re headed to a more western festivity! Not only will it make you more confident knowing you will match your occasion, but it also makes it so much fun (because who doesn’t love playing dress up), and let’s be honest… better pictures too!

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