The Manly Gift Guide

Who would you say is the hardest to buy for when Christmas shopping? I was talking with a group of friends the other day, and across the board, everyone said the males in their life. I mean, we know our boyfriends/husbands well, but for some reason, that doesn't always make it easy.  Then you add in the dads, brothers or any other guys in your life, and suddenly, the heat you create from swiping that card so much, suddenly goes cold. So I asked around and did some research, and I'm sharing some great ideas for the men in your life.

I'm not going to lie... This is actually a gift I will steal, but I'll still share. I cannot tell you how many times Brad has asked me to rub his back or neck! Sometimes I'm sweet but I've decided to work smart but not hard. lol. This Neck and Back massager has phenomenal reviews and it's on sale right now! I've already snagged mine and I highly recommend you do too. This is a game changer and so convenient to use. Is it acceptable to secretly use it now and then wrap it up before Christmas?  

Photo Details: Back and Neck Massager 

Where are my beard lovin' ladies at?!? I love some scruff but I want it to be clean and groomed. This kit is amazing and smells so good! Not all guys will shop all these pieces individually, and most just grab the bare minimum. This sets them up with everything they need to look handsome and smell great. If you know or love a bearded me, add to cart now! 

Photo Details: Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit

I feel so many men bust out these wallets from 20 years ago, that are beaten and tattered and in some cases, the velcro is still there. Yikes. Wallets have come so far and this one is top notch. It's easy to use, great capacity, includes a money clip and comes ready to gift. Check the reviews for yourself and let's get together to rid the world of these old, worn out wallets.  


Photo Details: Travando Men's Slim Wallet

So those are just a few of my favorites. I'm going to drop a couple more quick links below that I highly recommend.


Photo Details: Left to Right Top: Man Gift Box, Compact Survival Gear Kit,

Left to Right Bottom: Yeti Rambler, Beats Studio Wireless Buds

I hope this has been helpful and has inspired you to start or complete your Christmas Shopping! Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy your time with your loved ones and then shop til' you drop! 


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