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As spring break nears and while it's fresh on my mind, I wanted to share what I did to prepare for a week at the beach. Everything from a quick, get fit diet and workout routine, to essentials you'll want to pack, I've got links for you! There's enough that goes into planning a trip, let me help with the rest. 

First and foremost! Let's get healthy. This should be a daily routine for everyone, but I'm guilty of eating unhealthy when I'm not as motivated to care. haha. I'm sharing my Black Book of Secrets and it's a great way to tone and tighten up for bathing suit season. If you're local, I definitely recommend any class at Just Hustle, but really, I just encourage any type of physical activity. It's not only so good for you physically, but also mentally. Let's get those endorphins flowing!

After any workout, you gotta refuel! This is my favorite protein! Premier Protein in Chocolate is where it's at! I love the taste and the consistency because I'm a major baby when it comes to food and drink. I have to like it or I just can't do it. While I'm talking about refueling, I have to share my favorite salad - Salmon Avocado Salad from Skinny Taste. She has so many great recipes! They're easy recipes too, which is a must for me since I'm not exactly a chef. lol

This Salmon Avocado Salad is made with my two favorite super foods – avocado and wild salmon. I could eat this every day!

Let's talk about one thing everyone forgets but needs for vacation! Do NOT forget a beach bag! I cannot tell you how many times I've been on vacation and had to empty out a backpack or oversized purse to use to pack for the pool/beach. You need an Extra Large Beach Bag  that collapses nice to pack, but has plenty of room for towels, sunscreen and snacks. 


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Finally, you NEED an amazing self-tanner. This is essential because it's great to apply before vacation so you don't feel pasty when you first arrive at your vacation destination. It's also great to have with you for sunburns of or uneven tan/tan lines. I LOVE Body Drench Quick Tan in the medium dark. Goes on so evenly and NO mitt required. Just spray and go! Don't leave town without this guys! 

Are you guys feeling vacation ready yet? I know I am! I love to travel but I can't stand to feel unprepared! Hope this helps! Happy, safe traveling ladies! 


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