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I have to say... I have never met a woman that truly believed she had too many shoes. I think shoes are easy to hold on to because if you take care of them, they can last a long time. I definitely have my favorites but honestly, these new arrivals are must adds to my collection! While I love getting all done up, the shoes I wear most frequently are my comfy, casual shoes. Let me start with a couple new shoes arrivals that are just that. 

These ankle sneakers are so fun! I love the strap detail that keeps them from being too basic but also love that its a comfortable sneaker in disguise. These are adorable with shorts, pants and skirts and color is super versatile allowing you to mix and match with most anything! I love adding a shoe thats so wearable to my collection regardless of whether I need them or nnot. :) 

Photo Details: Ankle Sneakers

This next shoe is similar but it's more of a suede material and goes up a little higher on your ankle. I've had this one in the past and had to restock it... not only because it was a top seller, but also because I lost mine! I saw I could restock them and it was a no brainer for me. You'll love this casual shoe as an option to any outfit! 

Photo Details: Bootie Sneakers

Let me switch it up for you a bit with this next new arrival.  Ladies, this one allows you to leave home in fashionable shoe that's almost like a slipper . No joke! It's so cute and quite the trend right now. It's not a true slipper but it's just made to resemble one. These are so easy to slide on and go. I'll tell you what, if the kids go back to school (Lord willing) I'll be stepping into these every morning to take the kids to school. Seriously... such a fun unique shoe! 

Photo Details: Leopard Slip-On Shoes

Okay... I can't write a blog about shoes and not include a heel! These slouch booties are AMAZING!!! I will be wearing these with shorts, skirts, pants and dresses! They are the perfect height and in two colors! Ahhh! Someone pinch me! I was so glad I was able to get these in because they were originally on backorder so I was panicking. So excited they're here on time to transition me from summer to fall and on into winter. Don't miss this shoe ladies!


Photo Details: Ankle Block Heel Booties

Alright... back to the great outdoors with my family. Everyone stay healthy and don't forget to dress your feet! 

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