Your Capsule Wardrobe

You’re probably wondering, “What in the world is a capsule wardrobe?!” Well, I am here to tell you all you that need to know…and buy!

P.S. If you've read my book, this is all laid out in there for you! If not, here's a summary of it! 

So first things first, what is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of items in your closet that you will use to make into multiple/interchangeable outfits. This means, when you are purchasing clothing items you need to keep in mind that first you need 'basics' (staple) pieces and then you get to add the fun pieces later! 

So what are the basics? 'Basics' or staple pieces are the items that you wear every day....

1. Good Fitting Jeans

First off is finding a great (non-distressed) darker wash pair and then buy them in black, white or a lighter wash so that you have a pair for any occasion. Now, I say a 'good fitting' pair because you absolutely need to take the time to try on and find jeans that fit YOU and YOUR body right NOW...not the body you wish you were, or used to be. I know, I know, we're all wishing we were a different size, but the reality of it is we need the jeans to fit NOW! We ALL hate shopping for jeans, but know that when I am purchasing for the store, I keep YOU in mind. I purchase jeans that are going to work with many body types and are going to be comfortable too. 


Dark Wash Hammer Jeans & Black Hammer Jeans

2. Basic Tops

Basic tops can go so many ways. The first thing I think of when I think of 'basic' is a top that I can layer (or not). I will also purchase the same style top in every single color! A basic top can be may different styles depending on the outfit/look that you are going for. A few styles that I always have are; fitted crew neck tee shirts and long sleeve shirts, blouses, body suits, tank tops/tank bras, and hooded tees. These tops can be any color, and to be honest some prints work as basics too. As fas as prints go, think of what you are going to pair/layer with them when purchasing. You want something that you can pair with many different 'Toppers'.

Ruched Side Top & Cropped Tank Bra 

I think my favorite basic top was the hooded athletic long sleeve top that we had. This top is was cute and comfortable on its own, but could easily be layered with a blazer, cardigan, shacket or vest for a totally different look every time. 

Hooded Athletic Tee (Currently Sold Out)

3. Dresses & Skirts

When I think of a dress/skirt for a capsule wardrobe, I think of a dress/skirt that I can style and wear a few different ways. As far as finding a dress/skirt, I'd choose a style that works best for your body type, then think of ways you can style it differently. Think of jewelry options, hats, shoes, toppers etc. I love a dress that can be worn super casual with sneakers and a baseball cap, but then turn around throw on some heals and jewelry and you have a totally different look with the same dress. Same thing applies to skirts. 












Silk Skirt & Fitted Tee Shirt Dress 

4. Blazers

I know what you're thinking...that sounds more like a topper, which isn't necessarily a staple piece. But I'm here to tell you that it definitely is a staple piece in your wardrobe. The blazer can be worn over literally any outfit. It is like the new version of a cardigan/denim jacket/sweater. There are a million blazers to choose from.

Green Blazer (Currently Sold Out)

The #1 blazer that I would suggest you grab is my most recent design The 'Jazer'. The 'Jazer' AKA the Jean Blazer is going to be your go to topper. This is like the jean jacket meets classic blazer. I promise you can't go wrong and will wear this over any and every outfit. See my previous blog to see how to style my absolute favorite piece. 

Denim Blazer

These are the staple pieces that you are going to easily interchange into many different outfits. My favorite part about my job is coming up with new outfits out of the items I already own. The store is always full of the staple pieces that you need to start (and then finish) an outfit. Just because they are basics doesn't mean they have to be boring. Have fun shopping for basics and find pieces that you are truly going to wear over and over again. 

Check out my social media pages for all of the latest 'How To' videos for styling anything. I love that I get to help women look and feel amazing every day! I am truly so bless to be able to help make the word a prettier place! 




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