Tie Dye Now, Wear Later Kit
Tie Dye Now, Wear Later Kit

Tie Dye Now, Wear Later Kit

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DIY tie-dye shirt and dye kit!

Everything you need to get the perfect tie-dye trend look! 


Custom B.E. Humble Tank, Surprise dye color, rubber bands, and glove

All you do is add warm water to the dye... shake, twist the wet shirt to your desired look (watch video for reference) which will be texted to you, let sit for 10 hours or more, wash afterwards, lay flat to dry than throw in dryer to heat set it and boom!

Surprise colors include 1 of these:

Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Blue, Purple

Trendy and Fun! 

Will ship 1 week after purchase. 

All sales final. 

Written instructions: 

step one: put down a garbage bag… This stuff stains so you want to make sure whatever area you’re using is covered. Get your shirt wet with warm water. Wrap and fold as desired… In the video I did the swirl pattern… you swirl it in the middle and then you wrap it as you go. Secure with rubber bands.

step two: activate your die by adding warm water up to the lid, put the cap back on and shake the mix until it is dissolved. The dye has to be used within a couple days of mixing. 

step three: wearing the glove, apply dye to all areas of the fabric, covering all angles as well as in between the folds to ensure thorough absorption

step four: put Tank into a bag or wrapped in plastic to keep it damp, leave it for 10 to 24 hours for maximum vibrancy. 
once cured, rinse your fabrics with cold water until the water runs clear, wash fabric in a washing machine for a full cycle with hot water. Lay flat to dry, once almost dried, throw in the dryer to heat it and it is ready to wear! 


Small: 0-4

Medium: 6-9

Large: 10-14 

Extra Large: 15-16 

*Always read item descriptions for tips on sizing up or down


Model Stats: 
Brittany: Wears a Size Small
Jeans Size: 0/1 
Whitney: Wears a Size Large
5' 6" 
Jeans size: 15