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Not quite ready to download it yet? Read this post and you'll change your mind!

Oh My Word, You guys!!! 

B.E. Humble now has an App! Ahhhh!! I am so excited about this new way for you to shop my store. It's surreal to open the App Store and see MY boutique app there! Pinch me. Let's talk about the benefits of downloading and using the app.

First, this is the easiest mobile friendly way to shop! This way you can browse and add to cart, from your bed, pick-up line, airport or the toilet! Ha. Convenience is key and I'm here for any way to make shopping easier for my customers!

When you download the app, you get The most up to date information FIRST! Who does't love some VIP treatment? The great thing about the new B.E. Humble App, you can receive special in-app only deals and products, first pick at new arrivals, live sale notifications with unlimited replays, AND each product will have a fit video attached, so you will never have to guess how things fit!!

Say what?! VIP access to all things B.E.Humble for FREE?! Plus, right now, there's and in-app only 20% discount with code BEHUMBLEAPP .

B.E.Come B.E.Humble VIP by downloading and start shopping now!

Still not convinced?! How many times do you tell yourself, "I'm not going to miss Comment Sold tonight, because I know items sell out so fast." And then, you wake up the next day and realize you missed it?! I think thats the best perk of the App. Simply enable notifications, and you'll receive alerts/reminders about new arrivals, events, and live sales. Don't miss on your favorites ladies!

So what are you waiting for?! Head to the App Store right now and download the B.E.Humble App! You, your wallet and your wardrobe will be glad you did! Click, shop, save, buy, repeat! Directions and Links below. 

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➡️ Turn on notifications

Apple B.E.Humbleshop 

Android B.E.Humbleshop

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