Let The Stylist Come To You! 

Does getting ready feel overwhelming? Have you ever needed a one-on-one stylist? Brittany is now available for private bookings. Let her come to you and take charge of your unique look (or even your whole closet) so that you can look and feel better than ever! 

EVENT: $299.00

From black tie events to high school reunions, Brittany will create your perfect look. She'll carefully select every layer of your look to create a perfect, head turning ensemble. 


Is it time to pack for the vacation of your dreams, but packing up your dated clothes feels like a nightmare? Brittany will style and provide everything you need for your special trip! 

*Clothing & Accessories Included 


New season, new temperatures, new adventures, but the same old wardrobe? Commission Brittany to get your wardrobe ready for all that this season has to bring! 

*Clothing & Accessories Included 


Does your entire closet feel like a crowded, drab, worn out disaster? Is it time to call in the big guns? Brittany has all of the styling experience needed for a wardrobe overhaul. She'll combine staples with statements, catered to your style and body type, to create a fresh, organized closet that will carry you anywhere life takes you!

*Clothing & Accessories Included