Dear Moms,

Mothers Day! Isn't it funny that we have a whole day devoted to us and yet it seems like just another day where we are still doing so much work to make sure that the family not only looks perfect, but that it seems like we have it all together. (The struggle is real)

I don't know if it's just me but I've noticed lately that life has thrown so many people around me some serious curveballs. Women trying to get pregnant, loss of a child, sickness, the struggles of getting back to the way things used to be. These are just a few of the stories I have heard lately. Being a women is a tough job in itself let alone taking care of all of these BIG life stresses. But, can I tell you something...not a single one of us has it all together! (Not even the ones that look like they do, thanks to social media) I want to be the first person today to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Do you want to know my favorite part about being a mom and something that helps me to get through those tough days? It's truly sitting down with my kids and really spending quality time together. Whether it's going for a walk, playing a game, reading our devotionals, or just talking about whats going on in their life. I stay connected to them through play in their eyes, especially in the moments where I just want to hide from them. (You know those days)

Someone once told me that the best way to get your children to talk to you is by putting something in their hands. Weird, right? So, what I mean by this is honestly, let them play the video games or do a craft and just sit by them. Give it some time and they'll start talking your ear off. Trust me it works, and trust me when I tell you that you learn so much more by doing that than when you are in the car after pick up and they answer "Good, Nothing." to your question about how their school day was and what the learned. 

Ok, so why did i say all of this? Well, it's just a reminder that life doesn't have to be picture perfect all the time. Some days we just need to throw on our comfy cozies and chill by the fireplace and other days we have the perfect shoes, and accessories already in our closet that match our outfit (and for the days we don't, we head to B.E.Humble to snag them quick) But seriously, sometimes the bad pictures make for the best pictures and sometimes the bad days are just a lesson from God reminding us to slow down and enjoy all of the good things he gives us each day.

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“My child, if your heart is wise, then my heart too will be happy.”- Proverbs 23:15

The Good News: If your child is happy, you will be happy. If your child is successful, you will be successful.


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  • Polly Miller on

    I loved your story. I am so impressed with your clothes. I ordered so much and once my daughter saw everything she ordered so much too. God has so blessed you. Thank you.

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